My undergraduate career has come to a close. That feels odd to write, or to say, and it isn’t just the overly dramatic phrasing. I spent countless hours thinking about classes, majors, credits, and grades. It’s been a very long journey, 6 universities & colleges, 206 credits (not to mention everything that didn’t transfer), and 30 years from the beginning 0f my fall freshman semester. I’m not sure I could say I’m significantly more free of anxiety than I was, but it’s a non-zero amount. I’ve certainly felt less stress than in previous years, when I was either lamenting my inability to finish my bachelor’s or agonizing over what to take and how I’d pay for everything. The latter was augmented by having to work to make ends meet, though I’ll admit my main job was relatively free of mental stress.

Anyway, I’ve got grad school to plan for, and the store section to build for this site is, as traditionally labeled, under construction. In the meantime, here’s some of the stuff I made during the past year.