More from the Jim Henson bio: a lot is made of Jim’s endless work schedule. He was a workaholic, there’s no doubt, but he loved creating and executing projects for The Muppets so much he didn’t care how much effort it took.

You have to sacrifice to make art, that’s true. How much you put into creation and how much time you spend on other aspects of life is the ongoing equation. Is it sacrifice if the thing you enjoy most is the work? Is it failure if you are sustained and inspired by your relationships with other people? The balance can be weighed even in any number of ways, it’s just a matter of what we choose to favor and value.

“[Jim] was very close to us all,” said Juhl. “He just conducted his life in a different way than most people did. He just couldn’t understand about this whole thing called work, and why people didn’t like it, and why people thought there was something wrong with working.” 1

Perspective is paramount. What we choose to emphasize is the important thing, but it doesn’t make you less or more of an artist to shift it this way or that a little bit.

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