Discipline is the watchword. You do a thing every day, and it doesn’t just create a habit of making something, or improving your health, or getting something done. It creates a handy wedge you can use in other areas of your life (to make things, or improve your self/health/life, or get things done). The discipline that seemed like the energy expended to allow another thing to happen is actually its own reward, and an unexpected one.

I saw it when I learned to meditate and hammered my little monkey mind at 5am every day to get out of bed and do it. I got the mental and emotional benefit of daily meditation practice. But I also got the wedge, and it helped me regain a lot of productivity lost to simple laziness. I’m hoping the blog will give me a shiny new wedge, because there’s an awful lot that hasn’t been done.

Pick a thing, make it your initial practice, shape the wedge.