The media information landscape can feel intensely enervating at times. A never-ending feed cuts both ways, and cat images have a hard time competing against manufactured (or actual) real-world continual crisis.

The old methods are sometimes best.

  1. Turn off. Unplug. Walk out. A day without internet is Tim Wu’s temporary panacea. There’s more to say about it, but this habit works well to regain a little perspective and recharge, even if just a little. Without the endless scroll of emergencies, having just a brief walk and look around at the outside world is a beautiful wash of calm.
  2. Breathe. Like a micro-meditation, you simply stop what you’re doing, take a slow, deep, controlled breath and release it in the same rhythm. Then do it again. And a third time. It helps like dementor chocolate: “You really will feel better.” ~ Prof. Lupin