Our friends are a boon to existence. They celebrate our triumphs and sympathize with our sorrows. We consider them a vital part of our lives, akin or sometimes superior to family members. We rely on them for news, shows we’re sure to like, albums we’ve GOT to hear, like, NOW.

They also get in the way of creation. They pressure us to do other things. They can discourage essential risks and be selectively available when we feel we need them.

This is all to say (and it looks harsh to me, reading it back) no one is all or nothing. There are always equations, and the math is intuitive, not coldly calculable. People are complicated, ourselves included. The work we want to do, the making that compels, is the thing always under our control. We need other people, but I think that need can overwhelm our resolve to do the work.

This comes back to habit. If we—I—can establish a sense of the daily habit I just do, regardless of what anyone else thinks or wants, I’m doing the work. It serves me now, it structures the future. It still gives me opportunity with and for my friends, and vice versa.