If you feel scattered, overwhelmed, like your progress on, well everything, is tortoise slow, you’re never alone. And if I had to bet, I’d say you’re trying to do too many things, and you should think about dropping one or two of them. I am confident in this, because I do it all the time.

Ironically, to get more done, sometimes you have to slow down. In this case, it means slowing the number of projects you tackle at once. I’ve got this blog, classes, drawing & painting projects, video and music ideas, my show, and a few books going. Some things have to be shouldered aside. Not brutally! Gently, lovingly. These are your passions, after all. You don’t have to beat yourself up, it’s just the big picture that needs to take over when you reach the overload point.

When you get down to a couple or three things that need focus in a week, it’s a manageable juggling act.