Joe Versus the Volcano has a plethora of iconic, quotable moments. That may be its primary value, although it still hangs together pretty well, despite a wacky third act that feels like the first two went as far as they thought they could and dared it to out-goofball them.

Early on, there’s one of those where Joe’s boss is in the middle of a phone call seemingly on an infinite loop, thus:

All that smacks us in the face with the soul-draining nature of Joe’s terrible job. The argument sticks, though. At least, it stuck with me, because I’m never sure about the answer myself. Can I do the thing? Further, can I keep doing the thing? I can start making the piece. Can I actually do it? It’s fear again, doubt, the shadow, old faithful.

What’s the remedy? Pull out all the tropes!

  • The answer is: don’t think about it.
  • Judge later, or not at all.
  • Start small and keep going.

Because if it’s possible for us to get in our own way, we will, and habit and taking just one more step can push that aside indefinitely.