Yoda. The little crotchety green bastard was insightful and perceptive, and I thought he was right about a lot of things, if I didn’t buy completely into his mysticism. That was in the old times, before things got weird.

There are chunks of applicable teachings from him, among them the idea that you shouldn’t be taught his ways if you aren’t fully present.

All his life has he looked away . . . to the future. Never his mind on where. He. Was. Hm? What. He. Was doing.

You can be—and often are—your own worst enemy. Anger, fear, and aggression are the dark side, beware.

You must unlearn what you have learned.

. . . which is different than not learning things. It’s similar in art to saying you have to know the rules in order to break them.

I’m not down with all Yoda says. I don’t believe in The Force, or that it’s believing hard enough that creates success. But if you make some of these saying allegorical, there’s the idea that you can defeat yourself before you begin by focusing on your potential to fail. And, of course, that appearances are often deceiving.