When sense fails, that is, when the normal reality isn’t getting you anywhere, you can always turn to nonsense.

We get stuck. Making things isn’t always easy. Rather, making things is only easy sometimes. For moments when you’re really stuck, some weird disconnected idea or solution will present itself. I don’t mean anything magical, it’s just the flitting, mercurial nature of our brains. We’re good at stifling those thoughts, however. That’s why we so often turn to children as sources of unbounded creativity. They don’t have skills yet, but they also don’t understand writer’s block.

It’s a habit to tamp down, repress, dismiss the nonsense that giddily bubbles up when we’re really stuck on a creative problem. Next time, don’t. Put down the weird, crazy thing. The thing that makes no sense. What have you got to lose? You’re already stuck, and you can always wipe it out and do it over when a better, sensical idea comes along.

Or, if you’re truly lucky, the nonsense fits, and you might have done something new, connected elements that never have been joined before.