a male figure stands at an open window

Desires come and go. Sometimes they stick around for a lifetime. What they have in common is they only exist as potential energy, like a boulder on a hillside. The trick to pushing off that boulder and letting it roll over everything in its path on the way to its thunderous end is a push.

But what if your boulder, the one you think is so perfect and round, the one that will clonk so gorgeously off all the other rocks it touches is on a gentle slope?

Establish the habit. Make the first push and do it again the next day, shifting your rock, your project, a few inches at a time. Maybe you make that daily push the focus of your creation, the fact that it happens in similar fashion every day. You post a song, or poem, or drawing, or story, or blog post. But however you frame it, what matters is that the thing rolls.

Maybe Sisyphus was forced by his curse to forever struggle with his burden. But maybe he just needed to turn around and push the other way.