Today, or at least tomorrow, let’s think about the things we say we want to do, or want to have done, or have always wanted to do.

Why haven’t we started doing them? We can, of course. It’s like everything creative I write about here: find a starting point and do something more every day until it’s done. Or until you don’t need the thing anymore, like say, this blog. Who knows? Maybe I’ll decide in two years, ten, twenty, that one thing I should be doing every day should take its place, or obviate it.

For now, though, it’s either The Thing You Do daily, or it’s one more of the things you do. Creation is most heartily served by a daily habit, and it gets easier to do as you go along.

So how do you find the starting point? It’s not always obvious. The good news is that it doesn’t matter that much. You can always take it on faith that if you start, it’ll soon become clear you should backtrack, or back up, or skip back a bit and continue from there. I’m sorry if that sounds cryptic, I’m trying to think of it universally, art wise.

The idea is that you can’t let fear of not knowing if you’re beginning in the right place get in your way. Imagine the point if you have to, pretend it’s the right one. You’re always free to change how you do your thing.