What is to come is constantly changing as we make choices. The potential of it narrows, the closer it is to now.

The daily thing is useful, here, since we’re focusing on process, not finishing or goals. But is there something useful about looking ahead? About not throwing aside everything outside the now?

We wouldn’t have the dreams that we’re bringing the shadows of into being. As much as it’s detrimental to dream without doing, it’s worse to never dream big. By imagining a future state of being or accomplishment, the possibilities open for us in the present. Potential is then expanding away ahead.

It’s easier, a lot of times, to take different paths because you can see what they mean. They aren’t just cold notions of where you could take your work, they’re almost real images and feelings. What’s the point of any creative success if it doesn’t give you good feelings or hold any significant meaning for your life? We at least should enjoy the satisfaction of it.

And satisfaction is inspiring, it’s fuel to get you going and making things again.


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