So, belated apologies for missing one of these daily posts completely—and they’re unwarranted, I know, but after some pretty consistent, um, consistency in posting, it still feels appropriate. 

I’m in the final throes of moving to another city, and not just that, another state. I haven’t done that since 1992. California has been home for a very long time, indeed.

But I’m tired of the Southwest, and it’s long past time to experience everything new. Or anew. I’m really too tired to figure it out.

I’ve been putting everything I own into boxes to move, bags to throw out, and piles to donate. There’s now a lot less that I own. Something else: I keep noticing a soundtrack running in my head as I do all this, and it’s annoyingly full of—what used to be, to me—”Classic” rock. The brain is a marvelous phenomenon, but it’s also full of trivia. Today’s tracks were the above Phil, and this Bad Company song, which I haven’t heard for years.