Ever since I mentioned wanting to listen to the new Steve Perry album on the podcast this week (advance spoiler: it’s okay), I’ve been thinking about how I’ve liked the band since 1981, when Escape came out, which was one of the first rock albums I bought for myself. I know, I had a somewhat sheltered musical upbringing.

I’ve had a lot of friends over the years raise an eyebrow or two when they find out, and say something like, “Dude, you like Journey? But you’re into metal and prog and ambient…” True, but one likes what one likes, and I don’t believe in guilty pleasures.

So. Rather than some windy exposition detailing them, here’s this obsessive trifle: 

5. The beginning of “Anytime”
4. The end of the first verse of “Good Morning Girl: “I see your eyes shining through/Those gentle eyes silver blue/Good morning girl”
3. Near the end of “Escape,” a series of C to ringing Gadd9 chords on the extended vocal of “stay”
2. In “Faithfully,” the syncopation of “Two strangers learn to fall in love again”
1. The last 10 a cappella seconds of “Girl Can’t Help It”

Bonus: “Only Solutions,” which can’t go on that list—the whole song is my favorite one.