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There’s Value in Just Going to Bed When It’s Been Too Much

Today was full of ups and downs. While any random day could fit that same description, I mean it. Today was exhausting.

The day job was its own rollercoaster. After work, I needed to finish editing the show. Podcasts are fun, but the post-production takes time. In this case, I spent a good while carefully cutting levels where I was careless recording with the A/C blasting. Music and pop culture clips are a big part of the show, and there were quite a few this time.

I finally finished the edit, and then mistakenly closed the wrong window without saving it.

Losing hours of work due to a dumb mistake is disheartening, but the thought of doing it all over again was almost too much. It reminded me of when my cousin would run into something similar, occasionally. His solution was to shut everything down and just go to bed early.

There’s wisdom in that approach. It’s draining and stressful to work through a disaster. Sometimes you have no choice. But when you do, I say go to bed. Things look better in the morning. You’ll be rested. It will probably be easier to start. Maybe, just maybe, you can laugh at it all.

The Things We Cling To That Ain’t Nohow Permanent

Points for recognizing the Pogo reference. My phone decided to brick itself sometime last night. Actually, I’m not sure it wanted to stop responding to me, but it does make me feel a little insulted. Or guilty. Maybe I insulted it?

The upshot all is that I have lost my direct, permanent connection to the internet, and therefore the world out there. The upshot of that hyperbole is that I probably put way too much importance in my phone as a conduit to reality.

What had seemed so robust and reliable now seems laughably fragile and tenuous. I’m hoping to take this brief inconvenience–I won’t get a replacement until sometime notice how often I feel the urge to distract myself and avoid other, harder parts of life.