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The Strange and Various Arts of Frances Bagley

It’s been a while since I posted an artist link, but for Frances Bagley, I have to. She’s a counterargument to the idea that one should have a focus on a specific kind of work, since she does all kinds of wildly different things: installations in rooms, disturbing mixed media draped figures, abstract sculpture, video-centered works, public conceptual pieces, and all with a thoughtful and deft eye and hand.

Best of the @WomensArt1 Feed in the Last Day

Seriously, it’s a never-ending stream of treasures, if you aren’t subscribed already. My three favorites from the last day:

Amrita Sher-Gil, a painter who seems to me to have focused on women and their daily lives

Meredith Woolnough, who crafts beautiful, vibrant allegories to natural forms, skeletal and structural

And my favorite, Kumi Yamashita, whose work you may have seen in viral photo shares of her intricate nail & thread portraits or the same made with credit card rubbings. She works mainly with light and shadow, though, and those simultaneously delightful and disturbing sculptures are just amazing.

I Could Rant and Despair About the World, but I’d Rather Show You the Astounding Work of Dilara Begum Jolly

She continually makes amazing, affecting, and beautiful work in  multiple mediums. Her pieces mostly examine women’s issues and feminism. Take a break from the consternation all around us and revel in it.


Apologies for this one coming so late, sometimes my ‘net connection is patchy.